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Management Team

David F. Damerau

As President, David is involved in all phases of the development process, from the initial pre-planning and land acquisition, design, and construction phase to the project completion and close out phases. David, is a third generation “hands on” Developer frequently traveling to all projects under development. He has over 25 years of primary responsibility for the development of residential, commercial and mixed use projects throughout Florida, Western New York and North Carolina. David holds professional licenses in Real Estate, Construction and Engineering in Florida and North Carolina. The holding company he manages and is the principle in, controls and operates over Thirteen (13) Subsidiary Co’s.

Brice Lambrix, AIA
Architectural Division

As In House Architect, principally responsible for architectural services including Schematic Design, Site Planning, Construction Documentation, Coordination with Consulting Engineers, and Permitting Issues. Designed projects for Residential, Commercial and Mixed-Use infill developments. Licensed in Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia.

Marsha Evans
Administration Manager

As Manager, Marsha is responsible for the day to day administration activities of the business. Marsha leads the firm’s administrative staff and handles human resources, insurance, and payroll. In addition to his administrative duties, Marsha plays a key role in cash flow management and project disbursements.

Robert Myers
Chief Financial Officer

As Financial Officer for the Companies, Robert’s extensive 25 year background designation provides a strong financial foundation for DFD Development Corp. Robert facilitates all debt and equity placements. He manages all accounting procedures, off balance sheet financing and tax free exchanges for the various companies.





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